My Beginners Guide To Sony PSP Homebrew

This is my Beginners Guide To Sony PSP homebrew. I try to aim at people new to the scene, covering from box to play. This means that even if you haven't handled your PSP before and only just received it following this guide you should be able to get homebrew running without problems. I also provide a zip file with most files prepared AND examples of several homebrew applications including things ready to play.

Though I do not get to technical (as that would most probably confuse readers), my guide is a nice step up for starting out. Once you have read my guide and understand it well, you've mastered the basics and are left with a nice custom firmware PSP.

Please note, although the zip file is 100megabytes big it is needed for the guide. If you do not download it you will have to download all files included manually anyway (resulting in around the same amount of data you have to download) and have to run through several extra steps which I have already done for you (copy and rename files to the downgrader / 3.52 install, etc.). So just download it ;).

Although this is allowed by the (CC) license, please only link to my guide and do not host it yourself. If for some reason you do want to host it yourself please contact me (see my guide for contact details).

Download the guide here
Download the zip file here
Version info: 1.0 - 16th August 2007

p.s. it seems that Acrobat reader 5.0 isn't capable of opening the pdf file (it was so with the last version I expect the same this time). Though I know Acrobat reader 7.0 does a fine job.

-Simon van de Berg

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